| Why Union Printing

Your support of union printing and products promotes good American jobs and empowers the working men and women of the United States.

When you order from us, you know that you are getting a 100% Union-Made in America item that will enhance the growth and prosperity of our communities and bolster our local economies. Your purchase also ensures that environmental and safety protections are safeguarded across our industry.

Unions promote higher wages, better benefits and a safer workplace for all, and your patronage of union businesses helps build a more equitable society.

A union label (sometimes called a union bug) is a label, mark or emblem which advertises that the employees who make a product or provide a service are represented by the labor union or group of unions whose label appears, in order to attract customers who prefer to buy union-made products. The term "union bug" is frequently used to describe a minuscule union label appearing on printed materials, which supposedly resembles a small insect.